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Kids Go Free:
“1 in 5 children could be having difficulties at school because of poor eyesight”
All Children under 16 years of age are entitled to an NHS funded eye examination, or if under 19 and in full time education,
Children are usually screened for vision problems shortly after birth, and sometimes before they start school.
A child’s visual development can be hindered by uncorrected sight defects, such as long sight, short sight, astigmatism or even a turn in the eye.
Most eye problems can be managed effectively, if they are recognised and treated early. So regular eye examinations are essential to ensure that your child has the best possible start at school.
If your child does need to wear spectacles we stock a large selection of frames, that can be dispensed, at no charge, under the NHS.    
To book your Child’s eye examination, call us on: 01536 763000.