Eye Conditions
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Eye Conditions:
What is a Cataract?
A Cataract is an opacity of the crystalline lens, with an associated decrease in visual acuity. These days sight loss from cataracts is not much of a problem, as they can be treated effectively by surgical removal.
What is Glaucoma?
This is usually caused by raised pressure within the eye, and is associated with  a loss in your visual field. It is usually treated with eyedrops, but occasionally, surgical treatment is required.
What is Conjunctivitis?
This is an infection of the front of the eye. There are different types, and each requires different treatment. You may get a discharge from your eyes, but not always.
What is Blepharitis?
This appears as flakes of skin on the eyelashes, similar to that seen with dandruff. It is usually treated with lid scrubs.