Contact Lenses
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Contact Lenses:
We fit and supply a wide range of contact lenses, which include daily, weekly, two-weekly, monthly soft disposable lenses, and gas permeable lenses. We will advise you in making the correct choice to suit your lifestyle.
Soft Lenses:
        Daily Disposable Contact Lenses:
Daily disposable lenses provide the comfort of a fresh lens every day, without the worry of a daily cleaning regime. They are ideal for people with allergies, or solution sensitivities, as a one day lens will have no build up of deposits.
         Weekly/Two Weekly/Monthly Contact Lenses:
These are use as described, weekly/ two weekly/monthly. unlike daily lenses, they have to be removed and cleaned every night. These are a popular choice, as they are more  cost effective.
         Daily / Two Weekly / Monthly Toric Contact Lenses:
These are suitable for patients with astigmatism. With toric lenses, astigmatism can now be corrected, whereas, in the past only gas permeable lenses were used.
         Continuous Wear Contact Lenses:
These are used for 24 hour vision correction. These are worn through the night as well as the day, and require very little maintenance. These are recommended for current wearers.
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